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Where to go for coffee in Gdańsk?

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

"How do you start your day brother?" In my case, the answer is simple - From coffee. I'm a huge fan of this drink and never get down to work until I've tasted it. I know from my friends that before the first coffee I am more like a zombie than a leprechaun, which is why I avoid meetings before drinking the first cup. With age, I must have become a gourmet, because it often happened to me not to finish my drink in places where, in my opinion, not-so-good-coffee was served. I know that I am not alone in this, because one of the most frequent questions that my friends visiting Gdańsk ask me is: "Where do they serve good coffee, preferably specialty". Today I invite you to my subjective list "Cafe Gdańsk - TOP5". These places have never let me down, and every coffee lover will feel as if they arrived in paradise prematurely.


A place that has a huge plus for the fact that it is located on my favorite street in Gdańsk - Mariacka. However, in this case, it's just a vestibule for the magic that happens inside. Some of the vessels in which coffee is prepared look like an element of alchemist's equipment and believe me, the drink itself tastes as if a pinch of magic has been added to it. Forget about the boring espresso machine, here you will drink coffee brewed in Chemex, which is hardly available anywhere. Admit that the name sounds like something borrowed from Harry Potter. The cafe also specializes in specialty coffees, i.e. more noble beans, they are more expensive than standard ones, hence I allow myself to have them only on special occasions or when I have an extremely bad mood and want to improve it.

You will find more information here.


Café in Gdańsk Garrison run by Andrzej, who decided to turn his passion into a profession and abandoned his work in a corporation to run a cafe. He can talk about his love for coffee in such a way that even I can hide with my travel stories. Here we will also drink specialty coffees brewed in various ways. In my opinion, the owner has one major flaw… his knowledge of coffees is equal to his talent for baking cakes. Thus, when a dwarf with willpower proportional to height visits Struśkawka, he immediately forgets that he is on a diet.

More information can be found here.

W Starym Kadrze

This time we are moving to Lawendowa Street. Café w Starym Kadrze is a place created for sentimental people like me. Not only can we drink great coffee here, but we also have a retro movie screening every day. You know how easily I'm moved, so when a romantic production is played, I usually sit by the wall. This way I can turn my face away at any time without anyone noticing the tear that has rolled down my cheek. I also like this place because everyday I can eat a delicious breakfast here, which perfectly emphasizes the excellent taste of the coffee brewed here.

You will find more information here.

Leń Cafe

Who among us doesn't like to laze around from time to time? I would spend all my time like this if I could. The ideal place for this type of "activity" is the Leń cafe on Piwna Street. It is a kind of oasis of peace in a district that is heavily frequented, especially in high season. The place clearly has a loft vibe and looks a bit like it was under renovation. When we take coffee to go, it is worth bringing your own mug, in this way we will reduce its price by 20%. I also like Leń for the fact that when the stay in it is prolonged and the time for drinking coffee ends, I can switch to drinking cocktails without looking for a new place. They serve great drinks here and if you don't like coffee and, for example, are looking for a place for a first date, Leń will also work great in this case.

You will find more information here.


In the Browar Gdański estate in Wrzeszcz, there is a place that, due to its small size, is perfect for a gnome like me. We will drink coffee here from Honduras, Ethiopia or other distant places that I hope to visit someday. Delicious desserts are served here, and because perfect for walks Wajdeloty Street is located nearby, we can enjoy them without remorse. If we are beginner coffee gourmets, CzKawka is the perfect place, the staff will be happy to tell us what type of beans best suits our current mood.

You will find more information here.

I hope I have convinced you that Gdańsk stands not only for amber, but also for delicious coffee. If you have places where you like to drink this divine drink, and I didn't mention them, be sure to let me know in the comments.

If you are interested in my other culinary thoughts about Gdańsk, I invite you to my posts about restaurants and more "entertaining" places.

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