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Where to go on a date in Gdansk?

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Valentine's Day is coming up, and it's a great opportunity to show the romantic side of the city, in which I live on a daily basis. I am taking you for a walk around "Gdańsk in Love", just for a walk or a perfect date with the one You love. As befits a good date, first we will visit places that will make us happy to hug our other half, for free (!), and we will end the whole trip with a romantic dinner with dessert. For the purposes of this post, I have proposed two places, but if you need more gastro recommendations in Gdansk Poland, you can find them at this link.

Bread Bridge

Better known as the Bridge of Love. Built in the years 1338 - 1356, so quite a long time ago, even by my standards. Its official name was most likely due to the fact, that bakers stood on it to offer their products. In the years 2002-2003, the bridge underwent reconstruction. Since then, its more romantic name has started to gain popularity. It was influenced by the fact that, like many cities in the world, those in love left padlocks symbolizing their love here. Looking through them, you may be touched by cognitive dissonance, seeing a few padlocks with the nickname Gajdek and each time with a different name of your partner. Please don't judge me ...

Long street

The most famous street in Gdańsk at the beginning of its existence, i.e. in the 13th century, was the main merchant route of the city. With time, it gained prestige and this is where the richest townspeople lived and the kings had their quarters. Destroyed during World War II, after rebuilding it became the main attraction of Gdańsk. I am so old, that I still remember the times, when I took potential future Gajdek wives to the Leningrad cinema, which was once the largest in the city. For me, Długa is an absolute certainty for a romantic walk. The bustle of passers-by and the light from nearby venues create a wonderful atmosphere. And this is the feeling, when you pass Neptune, who may be bigger than you, but has been single for years.

The Green Gate

The oldest water gate in the city, obviously located in the area of ​​the so-called "old town", the city center. Although it was established as the residence of Polish kings, ultimately none of them ever stayed here. While standing in it, we have a view of Długa Street on one side and the Motława River on the other. The perfect shelter when you get caught in the rain during the trip. While waiting for the weather to improve, we can talk to our partner about news on Netflix or steal a kiss from her.

Mariacka Street

As for me, the most charming place in the city. It owes its name to the famous church standing right next to it. Mariacka Street best reflects the atmosphere of old Gdańsk, largely thanks to the preserved and reconstructed porches. At this point, you may ask what are porches? These are the terraces that precede the entrance to the tenement house, characteristic of Neptune's stronghold. The street itself is quite narrow, which gives us the opportunity to hug our other half.

Oliwa Park

If you are nature fans, I have prepared two suggestions for you. The first is the most famous and most important park in Gdańsk. This is the last of the once numerous city gardens that has survived to our times. The first park in this place already existed in the 15th century, but the present garden and palace complex was built in the first half of the 18th century. It is a perfect place for a date and a romantic walk, especially around Christmas, when the atmosphere is created by beautiful illuminations. On their occasion, you can share a compliment in the style of "What is the shine of all these lights, in comparison to You, beloved." Be warned, it doesn't always work, but it is always worth visiting the Oliwa Park, whether it's March, September, August or July.

Pier in Brzeźno

The Tri-City is associated primarily with the pier in Sopot. I recommend to see its Gdańsk counterpart. The original version of the building was built in 1900 and its length was up to 250 meters. The current version was built in the years 1993-1996 and although at present it is "only" 136 meters high, you already hear about the plans for its expansion. It often blows on the pier, but this is probably a good opportunity to protect yourself from the cold by hugging. What is more - looking at the bay and further - the Baltic Sea, has a bit of romantic touch, no matter the weather, don't You think?


After the walk, you should eat something. I recommend you two places. The first is an option for the so-called grazing, the second is a more budget option. Let's start with the first one. Canis is a restaurant that was initially famous for its meat dishes, but recently they have been successfully expanding the vegetarian menu. However, I recommend this place not only because of the delicious dishes, but also because of the wonderful drinks and the atmosphere created by live music.


A pizzeria, which was in the top five gastro discoveries in 2021, Dusia, the most popular Pomeranian blogger writing about restaurants. In this place, you will eat Neapolitan-style pizzas, and if you throw in a glass of wine, you will quickly feel as if you moved to Italy for dinner.

If you are wondering what to do with such a nice evening, or maybe you just get cold during a walk, check here where you can warm up with some nice drink.

These are my patents for a romantic getaway in Gdańsk, I will be happy to meet yours. If you are looking for something not on my list, I recommend a walk in the guideU application prepared by Katarzyna Michałowska, a guide from the City Culture Institute, and her husband Maciej. The proposals prepared by them will not only make you romantic, but also encourage you to talk about your relationship.

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