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Gdańsk in winter? Check out my TOP5 attractions

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Where to go for a holiday in Poland in winter? This is the question my friends often ask me. Contrary to appearances, this is not an easy issue. Winter has been very capricious here lately. The chances of guaranteeing yourself and your loved ones fun in the snow are comparable to those of the Polish team advancing to the Champions League. Therefore, it is worth choosing a place where we can spend time pleasantly regardless of the weather. It so happens that I know one and I won't hesitate to use information about it. I invite you to…Gdańsk. I am aware that a significant number of people reading this proposal considered it to be at least frivolous. Some people are probably asking how much the authorities of Gdańsk paid me for this "advertisement". However, I am very serious and I hope that after reading this entry you will be eager to visit Neptune's city. I also did not receive any remuneration for the promotion, but if someone from the city hall is reading this, they are open to suggestions. Okay, but let's get down to specifics. Here are 5 reasons why it is worth visiting Gdańsk in winter.

Christmas Market

In terms of atmosphere and beauty, we are talking about the second most beautiful Christmas market in Europe, according to people voting in the European Best Christmas Market competition. For me, we have everything here to feel the unique atmosphere of the holiday season. Beautiful glowing illuminations, live concerts with Christmas carols and stands with food and drinks. Let me focus on this last element. I know people who consider winter a success only when they manage to go skiing somewhere. I am less demanding, for me winter is associated with mulled wine. There is no problem in purchasing this drink at the Fair in Gdańsk and we can get it in many forms, including non-alcoholic ones. Now that the aperitif is over, we can start tasting the delicacies on display here. Everyone will find something for himself. In addition to places serving traditional Polish cuisine, i.e. dumplings and dumplings with lard, we will also find less obvious items, among which the biggest hit are Hungarian langos or pasta served in various ways. Those looking for something sweeter will surely like the stands selling traditional cinnamon sticks or the increasingly popular churros. The Christmas Fair has many advantages, but also one serious disadvantage. Unfortunately, every year I realize that the little elf is not able to try all the delicacies offered here.

Illuminations in Oliwa Park

In my personal ranking, it is the number one Christmas attraction in Gdańsk. When you enter the park in December or January, you feel as if you were literally immersed in the atmosphere of the holidays. Importantly, the illuminations were created to not only refer to this special period of the year, but also to the history of the city. Among the illuminated attractions you will find, among others, three-dimensional gates, galleons, and for those who prefer the literal, there is a Christmas inscription Gdańsk. I also have slightly less pleasant memories of this attraction. Whenever I stop by it, I am treated as part of the exhibition and people take photos with me, which is quite time-consuming and especially in sub-zero temperatures can be bothersome.

Winter Swimming

Sometimes it's worth saying something in company to be able to prove yourself. I'm so old that I remember the times when it was, for example, information about the latest literary works. Today we don't necessarily have to talk about books, but it's in good tone to say "I went swimming last weekend." It is simple because Gdańsk is a mecca for people who appreciate the health benefits of immersing in earthen water. On the beaches in Stogi or Brzeźnia, it is easy to meet organized groups of people swimming in the waters of the Bay of Gdańsk. They have become a permanent part of the city's winter landscape. As in the case of a certain popular shampoo, you literally have two in one: something for your health and a topic you can show off at Christmas dinner.

Ice rink at Plac Zebrań Ludowych ('People's Meeting Square')

Holidays are definitely associated with lots of delicacies eaten. Therefore, places where we can burn the acquired calories cannot be overestimated. If you want to stand out in this field from people who regularly go to the gym, I have a proposition for you. This is the Gdańsk ice rink. A place that is perfect for a date, a family trip or with friends from work. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, it will strengthen your muscles. However, if, like me, you are more of a thinker, this facility also has attractions for you. Chess on ice, i.e. curling, which is becoming increasingly popular and has also been available on the ice rink for some time now. Due to the size and weight of the stones, unfortunately, I cannot be a full participant in the competition, but I am often used as a measure of the distance from the target in controversial situations. It happens that during an argument, players argue that their hit was closer because it was only one Gajdek from the target, and not two Gajdek as in the other team.

New Year's Eve concert at the Baltic Philharmonic

If you want to end the year in style, I know one place. I invite you to the Philharmonic on December 31 at 5 p.m. Don't be afraid, however, if you prefer to listen to rap on a daily basis, you tap your disco polo foot, and you prefer Eurovision to the Chopin Competition. The New Year's Eve concert traditionally focuses on full inclusion. In addition to popular classical pieces, you will find references to works of pop culture and film music in interesting arrangements. When you leave the philharmonic hall, you will definitely be humming one of the melodies you have heard.

As you can see, Gdańsk is full of attractions in winter. You don't have to worry that you will be bored even in unfavorable weather. Especially since my Top 5 are only a taste of what awaits you in this city.

If, after all this walking in the cold, you are looking for a place to warm up, here are some ideas for delicious coffee.

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