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I am pleased that you are visiting my travel blog. At this point, I would like to introduce myself and write about what you can expect when visiting this site.

My name is Gajdek and I am ..... a dwarf. My passion is traveling and getting to know new places by meeting interesting people. Yes, I know that dwarfs are not necessarily associated with sightseeing, but there is also a small group of those of us who are curious about the world. The most famous is my cousin Rajdek, whose somewhat distorted story was presented in the film Amelia. I am over 100 years old, so I have met a lot of people in my life and I have seen some places. In order to be still "up to date" and not to end up like Rajdek, I decided to become a digital storyteller and I will gladly describe this and that on this website.


By visiting my blog, you can count on suggestions of interesting routes tailored to the needs of a tourist who likes to explore in his own way. I believe that both introverts traveling alone, parents with children and those who like exploring new places accompanied by a certain dose of competition will find something interesting here. But that's not all - during my trips, I was lucky to meet great people, just like I am passionate about traveling, but also ambassadors of my "small homelands". I will regularly post conversations with them here to provide you with their stories and recommendations for places of interest in the area where they live. I guarantee that you will find many gems here! 

I am a fan of contact with people, although due to my height it is a bit more difficult. So I will be very pleased if you decide to let me know what you think about my posts by commenting under them or by e-mail, for example.  

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