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Restaurants in Gdańsk - premises in the vicinity of Długa Street where you won't go bankrupt

One of the guiding principles of every traveler is: Never eat in restaurants close to tourist attractions, because you will always overpay. There is no place more crowded in my Gdańsk than Długa Street and its surroundings, so I decided to check whether it is really possible to eat well there at an affordable price (I am aware that nowadays it is a relative term). As is often the case in life, it turns out that there are exceptions to every rule, and in this case even several. Here are the places around Długa Street that I can recommend to you with a clear conscience.

Pizzeria Ostro

Located on the Motława River in Długie Pobrzeże, which is crowded in the summer, the restaurant is among many called the number one pizzeria in Gdańsk. We will pay less than PLN 30 for a great quality Margarita, which should be eaten not only by a dwarf like me. There are regular queues for the place and we have to wait our time to enjoy the Neapolitan style pizza. However, if you are a bit impatient like me, I have a piece of advice for you. All you have to do is pre-order through their website and pick up your order at the time you choose. The look on the queue people's face when you pass them is priceless. The pizza itself is best eaten sitting on the wall on the waterfront. Great food and great views, can it be better? Link to the restaurant here.

Pyra Bar

Right at the beginning of Długa Street, i.e. the Golden Gate, there is a restaurant with Polish national goods, i.e. potatoes, in the main role. You can consume them in many versions always at an affordable price. As a local patriot, I regularly take my friends from abroad here to see that potato pancakes beat the more popular fries. Every day there is also a soup of the day waiting for you, which you can buy for PLN 12. As befits an inveterate potato eater, I am a fan of this place, and my favorite items are Chicken Cukinsyn and zapiekanka zBoczek. Link to the restaurant here.

Elephant Club

It is impossible to be more in the center of the tourist heart of Gdańsk, after all, this restaurant is located practically next to the Neptune fountain. It is an ideal place for a more festive meeting, e.g. a date. Not only can we eat delicious dishes here without spending a fortune, but we can also enjoy a wide selection of cocktails, including non-alcoholic ones. If you come across some lazy friends who want to get to know Gdańsk, there is probably no better spot. Sitting in the outdoor garden, you can totally without moving show them some of the most important monuments and tell them their history. Link to the restaurant here.

If you are going to this restaurant, download the application and get a discount. And by the way, you will find a lot of great and free sightseeing routes in Gdańsk.

Bar Familijny Kos

If, like some of my friends, you are dinner conservatives who consider this meal only in the form of the "holy trinity": soup, main course and dessert Kos on Tkacka street is for you. You will pay PLN 34.90 for a full dinner set. In addition, you can compose a set from many suggestions, so even if you come back here regularly, you should not get bored with the food. It may not be a place whose decor you will want to show off in your Social Media, but as the philosophers I know say, "You can't have everything". Link to the restaurant here.

Eklerownia 2.0

My beloved Mariacka hides a place with a beautiful interior, delicious eclairs and great coffee. Some of the cakes look so delicious that a sensitive dwarf like me has huge remorse with every bite. Fortunately, they taste even better, so I quickly forget about my dilemmas. Prices for the location are affordable and comparable to those known from popular chain stores. Going out here will be an additional attraction for people who like to document their culinary achievements on Instagram. There are few places in Gdańsk more friendly to this medium. I happen to observe situations in which guests of the restaurant spend more time preparing to take a photo than they spend eating eclairs.Link about the restaurant here.

We live in times when the word inflation is inflected all the time. That is why it is important, especially in the city center where there are many tourist traps, to be able to find places that are safe for our wallet. I hope that my suggestions will meet with your approval. I would also like to know your types.

By the way, if you are full and looking for places where you can drink delicious coffee, here you will find my picks, and if something "for better digestion" is here.

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