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Drink bar Gdansk - where to spend the evening ?

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Very often my friends ask me: "Listen Gajdek, where would you recommend to go out for a beer, a drink or some shots?" I hope you admit that this issue requires special knowledge preceded by a thorough analysis. However, you know me and you know that I am an ambitious dwarf, so also this time I accepted the challenge. I have attended hundreds of parties in elegant cocktail bars and places with shady reputation, where even a UFC fighter would not feel safe, not even mentioning someone of my height. Well, nobody said it would be easy. Here is a list of places that I recommend with a clear conscience, when you are looking for places to drink something stronger. As always, I tried to choose them, so that everyone could find something for themselves. So there are bars in Gdansk, where you can enjoy elegant drinks, as well as those, that will not deplete your wallet too much. They have one thing in common - the atmosphere that is felt from the moment you cross their threshold.

Winston Bar

The youngest coctail bar on my list, opened in the second half of 2021, and already has many fans. No wonder, you can enjoy delicious cocktails here, created by the most talented bartenders in the 3City. Both enthusiasts of traditional drinks and those looking for something more modern will be satisfied with a visit to Winston. There is also no problem for the staff to compose a drink after a short interview with your preferences in mind. However, the biggest impression on me, was that the cocktails I ordered were accompanied by a photo of Krzysztof Krawczyk, whom I am a huge fan of. I saw on other tables that some guests got a photo of Robert Makłowicz (polish celebrity chef).


Drink bar located in the vicinity of Falowiec at Obrońców Wybrzeża. As for Gdańsk conditions, the prices are very affordable. Suffice it to say, that we will drink beer here for PLN 6 (price from November 2021). You can meet many interesting characters here, mostly locals. Among which you can meet, for example, one of the legends of Lechia Gdańsk. I really like to sit in the corner with a cold beer „Specjal” in my hand and listen to their discussion about life and current affairs. There is probably no better place to watch Lechia Gdańsk away matches, because the emotions we encounter here are comparable to those in the stadiums.

High 5

A bar located on the fifth floor of the Hilton hotel in Gdansk. I recommend this place mainly because of the wonderful view of the Old Town and the Motlawa River. The prices are not the lowest, but it's a perfect place for a going out on some special occasion. Let me tell you a secret: if I want to impress a lady important to me, I am taking her right here. Efficiency 100%.


A bar that has already become part of the landscape of Piwna Street and has been very popular since its launch. They only serve one type of drink, but a special one. You can drink here a wonderful cherry brandy, available both cold and hot. The service adds 3 cherries to each serving. And here, be careful when you bite them, because each of them has a stone in it. I cut myself a few times, luckily I have hard teeth. In addition to the drink itself, I am a fan of the minimalistic blood-colored interior like the drink offered here (the only and the best) .

Polskie Kino (Polish Cinema)

The name is not accidental, because you will find here a lot of souvenirs, posters and props referring to Polish films. Great service, relaxed like a pin in the movie "Boys do not cry". This slack is easily given to guests, especially when they enjoy a flawless lemon or cuckoo, i.e. a tincture with the taste of the iconic Polish candy. The choice of alcohols is really great and, what is important, they are all at affordable prices, so I have to admit that sometimes in the Polish Cinema I lost my movie.

Armaty do chlania (The splash cannon)

It can't be cheaper! It's a place where you can enjoy store-bought alcohol in the shade of an authentic cannon. The only downside is that to get here from the nearest liquor store you have to climb a few hundred meters up the hill. The location has been gaining popularity recently, suffice it to say that, according to Google reviews, it is rated 4.9, while such Neptune is 4.7. I like visiting this place. The only drawback is that when you're the only dwarf in the group, your buddies always try to put you in a cannon to recreate a scene from The Wolf of Wall Street.

Whiskey on the rocks

The only whiskey bar on my list. I recommend it especially on weekends, when live music is playing and you can listen to the classics of Polish rock. The main role is played by Jack Daniels, which you can try in many variants, including delicious shots. My relations with Jacek are different, but the truth is that sometimes nobody will understand you as well as he does.

Pub Spoldzielczy

A great place run by great people. Why am I hitting such pathetic tones? People excluded from the labor market because of their disabilities found work in Spoldzielczy. Here you will get over 20 types of craft beer poured straight from the taps. In addition, with a bit of luck, you can get a free hunk of bread with lard. For me, however, the smiles of the staff are the coolest one.

That was it, I missed some places one hundred percent, but the dwarf has only one liver, just like a human. As always, please let me know in the comments which places are missing. For those who are interested in this post - I have prepared a surprise in cooperation with guideU.

A totally free tour of Pubs and Szotownia, in which Krzysiek, an expert on the subject, presents five places in Gdansk that, according to him, are perfect for a going out with friends. In addition to the information about the alcohol served, you will find here anecdotes and stories not published elsewhere.

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