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Where to go on a date in Krakow?

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Did you know that Woody Allen was supposed to shoot a romantic comedy in Krakow Poland a few years ago? For this reason, the city was to pay him several million dollars. However, the project was never realized. During my last visit, I thought that I would be happy to hug such a large sum, so while visiting the city of Krak, I was looking for attractions, that could constitute a romantic background for my work. Seems to me it would be a perfect city for Valentines day, just saying... Here is my suggestion of places that I recommend for a Krakow love walk.

1. Father Bernatek Footbridge

Established in 2010 (so no - not long, long time ago, not even in the past century) on the site of the former Podgórski Bridge. Its name comes from the name of the monk, who initiated the construction of the Bonifrat Hospital. It's hard to believe that something so heavy - a footbridge weighs 700 tons - can be so romantic. I was convinced only when I saw a beautiful illumination of this object in the evening. So I am not surprised, that this is where couples in love from Krakow leave their padlocks. In addition, I myself witnessed two proposals, that took place on the footbridge. A peculiar curiosity are the holes in the metal railing, proving that not all relationships survived and the padlock was torn off by one of the sides. Sounds like it's worth to take this tour.

2. Czerwieński Boulevard

A popular place for walks among locals and tourists. Its popularity is largely due to the proximity of Wawel Castle or the monument to the Wawel Dragon. Perfect scenery for a romantic walk. Imagine it: the Vistula River, the sun is setting over the castle, and the lovers like a king and a queen walk holding hands. It can be said, that they are even in a better position than the monarchs, because they do not have to pay electricity or gas bills, which must be huge in such a Wawel Castle.

3. Monastery in Tyniec

This may not be a place in Krakow itself, but in the immediate vicinity of the city. Bicycle trips in that direction are gaining popularity in particular. The abbey, situated on a limestone hill, looks very picturesque. A walk among the complex of Romanesque buildings stimulates the imagination. For example, a scene was born in my head in which the protagonist of my film reflects his beloved, imprisoned in a monastery by the decision of his partitioning parents. I hope that Danny Boyle (because I have been informed that he reads my blog regularly) will not steal my idea.

4. Kościuszko Mound

The most famous and most amazing viewpoint in Krakow. Anyway, it is not surprising, that from the top we have a beautiful view not only of the panorama of Krakow, but also of the wonderful Beskid Żywiecki. In Polish literature, it is known as a place, where husbands go for a walk under the so-called slipper (Mr. Dulska's Morality). Nowadays, a lot is changing, because we can often find here not single males, but couples, who like this place for wedding sessions.

5. The Botanical Garden

The oldest facility of this type in Poland was established in 1783. It is hard to believe, that such an oasis of greenery is located in the town center. The area of ​​9.6 ha park is probably enough to be able to tell the other half the story of your life during a walk. Personally, I am a fan of an artificial island, created in 1856. If I want to master it, fully explore it, I would borrow a miniature of the yacht and take there a lady, who is just in the circle of my interests.

6. Colorful stairs in Podgórze

The colorful, rainbow stairs with quotes by artists associated with Krakow, created in 2013, quickly became one of the city's attractions. The measure of success is best shown by the fact, that due to heavy traffic, the attraction… .. turned gray. As part of the funds obtained from the civic budget, the facility has been renovated and is again pleasing to the eyes. Why do I recommend stairs for a date? Sometimes it happens, that the conversation is not sticky, and such quotes are a great thing, for example to ask your partner, what she thinks about them. And what's also important - it is free of charge, no payable admission.

7. Klimaty Południa winery and restaurant

A perfect restaurant for a romantic getaway with wine. The offer includes alcoholic beverages from all over the world, including local ones from the vicinity of Krakow. The dishes served here will appeal to even the most demanding gourmets. In addition to the culinary function, the restaurant has the form of a kind of museum, we can find here the largest collection of corkscrews in Poland. And - this article is not sponsored.

8. Casseroles in Okrąglak

In a situation, where you do not plan to spend "a million coins" for a romantic dinner, and you want to impress your partner with the knowledge of local specialties, you can invite her to the iconic casseroles in Krakow's Kazimierz. The atmosphere of this place only whets the appetite, and there are plenty of clubs in the area, where you can end the evening in a nice way.

I hope that I managed to convince you that Krakow is a city full of romantic places. However, if you still hesitate, I recommend checking the route of my friend, who presents the love face of Krak's city from the perspective of a famous Krakow artistic marriage. Honestly, just stop and stare. And in time maybe I will visit Jewish quarter as well, of course I'll share the story with You. Or not. Depends.

If you still have the strength for a further walk, I invite you to visit the most interesting monuments or places of Krakow like historical old town, Mary's basilica, main market square or Wawel castle - LINK or feel the unique atmosphere of Krakow's Kazimierz LINK. Need I remind You - Krakow's Kazimierz in Poland belongs to world heritage UNESCO among many more places in Poland.

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