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The area around Krakow for fans of physical activity

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

There are many harmful stereotypes in the world. One is the one that makes gnomes associated with laziness rather than being active. I hope that with the entry below I will debunk these myths. Today, like Ewa Chodakowska or Anna Lewandowska, I will present you my fit face. My blog is a travel blog, so first of all I will focus on my favorite places where I like to move around a bit. There are plenty of them all over Poland. Let them begin around Krakow, because that's where I spent the last few days. So I invite you to the first active route on my blog, only for health benefits purpose.

Jordan Park

We couldn't actually start anywhere else. The originator and founder of the park, Henryk Jordan, is a pioneer in the field of disseminating knowledge about the positive impact that exercise has on our body. As early as 1888, he approached the city council with the idea of ​​creating a place where young people would be able to exercise. After some perturbations, he managed to achieve success. 12 sports fields have been created in the Park for the needs of various sports disciplines. In line with the founder's ambition, they were equipped with the latest equipment. Currently, the park covers over 21.5 ha and is one of the favorite places of spending free time by Cracovians. There are football, volleyball and basketball fields here. Due to my poor height, I do not use these facilities. Especially with basketball, I have traumatic memories after several teenagers, due to the lack of a ball, chose me as an object to practice throwing for three points. I like to spend my time in the skate park the most. My favorite activity there is listening to the disputes between skaters and skaters about the superiority of one wheel over another. Another place where you fulfill yourself as an athlete is a pond where you can rent equipment, e.g. pedal boats. My short legs do not allow me to pedal, but I gladly sit down with the rudder in my hand and dictate the pace of my companions.


48 hectares of greenery, one of the largest meadows in Europe when it comes to the city center. An ideal place for active recreation at least 5 days a week. Initially, this place was mainly used for grazing cattle. With time, however, it began to serve events related to the life of Krakow. Suffice it to say that it was here that the first take-off of the plane in the city took place. This event was an inspiration for one of my favorite forms of spending free time in the meadows. On windy days, I love to fly on them with a kite. But I have to be careful, because recently the wind took me and the kite and I landed in the middle of the hussle between the fans of Wisła and Cracovia. As a compromise dwarf, I quickly decided that there is no point in advocating for either side and it is probably better to withdraw. Błonia is also a Gajdek's official preparation facility for the start in the marathon. I am currently at the analytical stage. I calculated that since the loop around the meadow is 3.5 km long, I have to do 12 circles with a piece to run the correct distance. Now I have to think about what to do with this knowledge.

Cosmic Mini Golf

Ever since I found out how much money Tiger Woods had made, I decided that a golfer's career was not that bad. Krakow is the perfect place to start your adventure with this sport. Cosmic Mini Golf Pub is a place with 9 mini golf courses, all kept in the atmosphere of a flight into space. So we experience a real 2 in 1, because we can feel like a golfer and like a cosmonaut at the same time. Importantly, the "Pub" in the name of the facility is not accidental. This is important information for people who, like me, stay hydrated after exercise.

Tyniec Bicycle Route

Krakow - the over 1000-year-old monastery in Tyniec is a great start for a bicycle trip along the Vistula River, the destination of which is the former capital of Poland. The abbey is located on limestone rocks, which gives us an almost postcard view. A bicycle path leads practically to Wawel. The route takes about 40 minutes, constantly watching the queen of Polish rivers with all its beauty. Of course, there are no bikes in my size, so I usually end up in the basket on the handlebars. However, I am not the type of dwarf who would not help in the effort of my companions. Wanting to make their ride together, I always hum a song referring to the circumstances of nature in which we find ourselves. As a rule, it is "Płynie Wisła, płynie...". Many say that my voice is perfectly suited to performances in Mazovia, but I think my appearance discriminates against me.

Krakus Mound

Probably many of you think that you train climbing in this area. Well, no, as a rule, I stop at the foot and together with my friends I play ... Frisbee (physical activity and fun, I tell you). Apparently, it was here that pagan rituals took place, I wonder if in 300 years people watching movies with a dwarf running behind a plastic circle will not judge my antics in these categories. It is known that exercise requires adequate rest. In this respect, the foot of the mound is also perfect, you can easily spread out here with a blanket and, lying on your back, stare at the clouds.

Ojców National Park

Our smallest Polish national park located just outside Krakow is a perfect place to train trekking or any muscle strengthening activities of that matter. Whenever I have the opportunity, I take my backpack and go on a trip. Rock formations, nature or caves that I pass only on the blind would not make an impression. I love to venture into the area of the Pieskowa Skała Castle, located over a complex of five ponds. It was here that the series Janosik was filmed. Sometimes, when I let my imagination run wild, I recapture this castle from the evil Murgrabi's hands and give his wealth to the local peasants.

Tenczyn Castle in Rudno

As soon as I heard that a place is called "Little Wawel" I immediately became interested in it. Maybe some dwarf ancestral estate, after all? Unfortunately, from what I was able to establish, the Tęczyński family for whom it was a family nest, did not belong to my ancestors. Besides, the dimensions of this medieval fortress built on a volcanic cone (Góra Zamkowa is the largest hill of the Tenczyński Hump) do not indicate dwarfs. The castle is located 24 km from Kraków, it is part of the Eagles' Nests Trail and lies in the beautiful Kraków Częstochowa Jura. I encourage you to take a walk here, comibnation of the view and the health benefits coming from it should do you only good.

Phew, just writing this post made me sweat a bit. I hope that all active people will find a lot of tips in it both for short trips and one-day trips. I am also happy to read in the comments about your recommendations in this regard. In the post I mentioned the charms of the Ojców National Park. If you want to go on an amazing trip in its vicinity, I have a link for you to Katarzyna Lorek's route, where she will take you not only to the park, but also into the clouds.

PS. You can find more of my posts about Krakow here.

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