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Where to eat in Gdansk - Gajdkowy TOP10

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

First, a warning !!! Do not read this post on an empty stomach, as it can be a painful experience. I know, because I gave a friend to read and he resented that I did not anticipate him. But let's get to the point. As I tried to show in previous publications, Gdańsk has plenty of attractions for everyone, both popular and less obvious. However, no matter how you visit the city of Neptune, you must always ask yourself the question "Where can I eat something tasty in Gdańsk?" Don't let my poor height fool you - when it comes to food, we gnomes usually have a ravenous appetite. Today I would like to introduce you to 10 places, that differ a lot: price range, type of kitchen or the method of serving dishes. However, it has one thing in common, they have a certificate of quality and I have feasted in these places more than once, not twice.

Kubicki Restaurant - classic and elegant

Number one on the list for a reason. It is the oldest restaurant in Gdańsk. The restaurant was opened on January 25, 1918 by Bronisław (Bruno) Kubicki. Although in the times of the Polish People's Republic, the authorities were not in favor of private initiative, the place returned to the family at the turn of the 1950s and 1960s. The importance of this place on the culinary map of Gdańsk is best evidenced by the list of guests, who have visited the restaurant for all these years. During the communist era, Polish artists such as Agnieszka Osiecka, Zbigniew Cybulski, Bogumił Kobiela, Urszula Dudziak, Bohdan Łazuka and Piotr Fronczewski used to be here. Kubicki also hosted professors Zbigniew Brzeziński and Jan Nowak-Jeziorański, and the Nobel Prize winner Czesław Miłosz. It is definitely a classy restaurant, the perfect place to meet on the occasion of an important event. It is in Kubicki, that I regularly organize all family reunions in Gdańsk and I will tell you that even my cousin from Amelia, who ate in more than one place in the world, is always delighted with dishes from Kubicki. I know from a well-informed source that the pork knuckle served here is prepared according to a pre-war recipe! Be sure to visit this place wondering where to eat something in the "old town" of Gdansk. It should be literally the best dinner of Your life. The historic and gastronomic site of this restaurant is available to read or listen in free City Guides app.

House of Seitan - masters of vege

Wajdeloty is a street where I always take my veg friends. It is here. that two of the most famous Gdańsk plant-based restaurants, Avokado and House of Seitan, are located. I love both, but House of Seitan is on my list. The restaurant, established in 2018, means that even a carnivore like me will quickly find out that vegan food can be great. Be sure to check out their dumplings stuffed with "meat" or pork chops. The very thought makes me drool. What additionally distinguishes this place is the atmosphere. The girls, who run the House of Seitan, make every guest feel like a good friend from the very beginning. If you are looking for good food in Wrzeszcz, you have my ready-made recommendation here.

Mandu - the best dumplings

Pierogi is probably the most popular Polish dish in the world, so it's no wonder that when foreign guests visit me, they immediately ask me where they can taste them in Gdansk. In such cases, I always give them one answer - Mandu. It is a chain of restaurants, but I especially recommend the restaurant on Elżbietańska, so another restaurant in the "Old Town of Gdańsk". When you're around, it's easy to locate it because of… .. the queues. Unfortunately, as a rule you have to lag behind, especially since reservations are not accepted. A very wide selection awaits you in the restaurant. Both the most popular dumplings, including those with cabbage and mushrooms, meat or Russian ones. In addition, in Mandu you will find dumplings from around the world or special recipes prepared by the most famous Polish chefs. Remember - dumplings are the basic dish in polish cuisine - You need to try it.

Zafishowani - tasty fish restaurant

Most tourists coming to Gdańsk make it a point of honor to eat fish straight from the sea. During holidays, especially around the beaches, there are many places that declare that they serve this dish. However, it is easy to cut and find dishes, where the breading plays the main role, and the fat on which the fish is fried is replaced once a week. I would not like fish restaurants in Gdańsk to remind you that. Personally, I have one place that I always recommend with a pure heart - that's Zafishowani. Their dishes are a variation on the theme of fish. Even the most popular ones, such as herring or cod, can be found here in a version that will surprise you. If you are looking for a fish fry restaurant in Gdańsk, this is not the place, but if you are interested in a unique fish restaurant, it is the perfect place, you will surely be delighted. Therefore, head to the Fish Market, and further it is just a few steps along the Motława River.

By the way, if you went on a date here, I am in a hurry to throw in a few more ideas for a successful meeting not only on Valentine's Day, link here.

Bresno - Italian flavors

Italian cuisine is probably the safest option for a trip with friends, it seems to me that everyone will find something for themselves in it. My favorite Italian restaurant in Gdańsk is Bresno. As the name suggests, it is located in Brzeźno, so often after visiting it, you go for a walk towards the nearby pier to burn some calories. Although the menu includes pizzas, of course, I am a fan of their pastas, especially the classics, i.e. bolognese. On top of that, I always take Tiramisu, which is as good as I feel very guilty, when I look at my stomach after consuming it.

Foodhall Station - a wide choice

I am a dwarf of compromise, but sometimes it is difficult to achieve. Well, let's imagine the situation: We are planning a trip for a little something with a group of gnomes friends. Suddenly, it turns out that one of them is vege, the other wants a burger, the next one goes for pizza in the morning and another wants something oriental. In such moments, the Food Hall station in Gdańsk Wrzeszcz is a salvation. There you will find over 20 restaurants with different types of cuisine. Additionally, there are 4 bars, and here all the gnomes agree, no matter what you eat, if you drink beer with it, it always tastes better. So if you need to eat something in Gdańsk, and the variety of cuisine is one of the criteria, the answer is this place. I guarantee that you will find something for yourself.

Hot Bear Fusion - a new version of the classic

I remember the end of the People's Republic of Poland, when the only fast food available were casseroles and hot dogs. A sausage put in a roll, topped with ketchup, and the whole thing tasted like a restaurant dish with a Michelin star, at least I remember it. I like to come back to those times and I was looking for a long time for a place, where I could eat a hot dog from years ago. However, I found something much better. Hot Bear Fusion is a place with artisanal hot dogs in various guises. We can find here the classics, i.e. a roll with sausage and ketchup, here additionally with cheese. However, I am coming back here because of more unconventional items such as Rozpustny CoCo or Lady in Black. If you want to know, what is behind these names, be sure to stop by Hot Bear Fusion. You will see that eating in Gdańsk is absolutely not boring. In addition, you are unlikely to face a long waiting time here.

If you are thirsty after such a meal, be sure to check where you can go for a drink: a bar, a pub, anything You like.

Masna Micha - fresh and healthy

Now for a change, something healthy and tasty at the same time. If you think that these concepts are mutually exclusive, I recommend the Masna Micha restaurant in the Gdańsk Garrison. They mainly serve colorful and fresh bowls, but the menu also includes wraps and salads. The restaurant attaches great importance to ecology and the less waste principle. For example, any leftovers go to their own composter, from which the fertilizer is used on the premises, but customers can also use it. It is also one of the few places where we can drink water for free. And they have great beer. In a word, good food in Gdańsk in every aspect.

Marina Cafe - a paradise for gourmands

On my list, there could not be enough space for desserts. I recommend these in the Marina Cafe located on the increasingly fashionable Szafarnia street. The cakes you get there, look like little works of art. The first time I felt guilty about destroying the intricate structure of the confectioner to enjoy their taste. In addition, at Marina Cafe you can enjoy really delicious coffee and many types of teas.

If the children let you drink coffee in peace, I think it is worth paying back and visit at least one of Gdańsk attractions dedicated to them. You can find some ideas here.

Czarnej Kozy Zagroda - Croatian taverna

One of the most popular holiday destinations of our compatriots is Croatia. For those who miss Dalmatia or Hvar Island on cool autumn evenings, I recommend the Black Kozy Zagroda restaurant. Delicious Balkan cuisine. It is one of the few places in Gdańsk, where you can taste goat meat. I personally am a fan of Balkan fast food - burka, pastry stuffed with meat, spinach and cheese. One piece of advice: if you've just decided to become a vegetarian, avoid this place as there is a lot of risk that you will break and go back to meat.

These are my TOP 10 restaurants in Gdańsk. Let me know in the comments, if your favorite restaurant is missing, I will be happy to check it out. The appetite is best enhanced by a walk in good company, which is why I remind you of my friends' routes. This time I chose those that run next to the premises mentioned in this post.

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PS. If you want to check the location of the above premises on the map, click here.

Be sure to add a comment and write me what restaurants in Gdańsk you like best.

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