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What to see in Warsaw

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

"In Warsaw You can fall in love” say the words of the song and I agree with them. Our capital offers a variety of attractions for everyone. I try to visit it at least once a year and each time I find something new for myself. But what if we can only spend the weekend in Siren Town? What places you should visit? Of course, I am in a hurry to help, here is Gajdek’s – Must see in Warsaw.

1. Palace of Culture and Science

I will start controversially, because this building evokes enormous emotions and You can find as many of its supporters as those who would like to ... demolish it. However, as you already know, I am sentimental and I cannot imagine our capital without the Palace. This building, put into use in 1955, was the tallest in Poland for many years with its 46 storeys and 237 meters in height. Currently, it is still called the highest monument in our country. The Palace of Culture and Science has important place in Polish history. Suffice it to say, that it was here that the last congress of the Polish United Workers' Party (ruling Poland since end of World War Second) took place, which was beginning of changes in our country. The most often remembered event with the participation of the Palace, however, is a concert by the legendary Rolling Stones. As a dwarf, who always wants to reconcile feuding groups, I found a place in the building that even his opponents should like. It is ... a viewing terrace, you cannot see the Palace from there, but we have a beautiful view of the panorama of Warsaw.

2. The Old Town Square

Another attraction of Warsaw is an absolute gem inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The most famous tenant in the entire Old Town is Zygmunt III Waza, known primarily for the fact, that he moved the capital of Poland from Krakow to Warsaw. He lives on the Castle Square, on a column, which is the oldest and highest secular monument in the capital. The market itself was built at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries. Its form has practically not changed since then. At its heart there is a monument to the protector of the capital, the Siren. I like to sit in its shadow. Then I imagine all the events, that took place here. Fairs, performances of theater troupes, but also executions.

3. The Royal Castle

It's nice to feel like a king from time to time, that's why the Royal Castle had to be on my list. Its shape and specific color make it hard to confuse it with other buildings. This place is very important in the history of Poland, not only because the rulers of our country used to work here. It was here, that the Constitution of May 3 was approved. Today, when visiting the Castle, we can see the conditions in which the kings lived - the royal apartments and how they worked - the throne room. All art connoisseurs will be impressed for 100% original paintings by Rembrandt and canvases by Bernard Bellott, known as Canaletto. These works reflect the character of historical Warsaw so well, that they were used to rebuild the city. If I had to recommend you when is the best time to visit the Royal Castle, it would be the christmas holiday season. Just then, there is a 30-meter Christmas tree next to it, always beautifully decorated. It immediately gets warmer on the dwarf's heart, when I look at her.

4. Copernicus Science Center

Maybe I shouldn't write about it, but I envy today's kids, that they can learn about science in such places. I had to read boring books. The only experiment that the teacher conducted in our school for dwarfs, was to show, how the water put in the freezer turns into ice. The Copernicus Science Center is a real paradise for young science enthusiasts. Lots of experiments that you can do yourself, without the risk of hearing "Don't touch". It is not only the leading Warsaw attraction, but also one of the largest places of this type in Europe. The patron of this institution probably looks at it with pride from the sky, because there is a good chance, that it will equal his fame. Can you believe there's even a theater here? The actors are robots moved by compressed air.

5. Pavilions in Nowy Świat Street

I would not be myself if I did not show you a place, where you can have fun. What's more, you don't have to worry about the condition of your wallet. Pavilions are a place, that Varsovians themselves have recognized as the best clubhouse in the city. That's not all, the prestigious ranking included it in 99 of the best open bar complexes in Europe. The former workplace of small craftsmen, today it is teeming thanks to numerous venues with alcohol drinks and street food. At the mention of spring rolls from their "chineese food” I always get drooling. Although the pavilions are located close to Nowy Świat, the most expensive street in capitol, the prices here will surprise you positively.

6. Warsaw Uprising Museum

There is no place, that allows you to understand Warsaw better than this museum. The biggest tragedy of the capital has had an institution worthy of its history. Exposition of the everyday life of the uprising against the occupation. It also shows the consequences of its collapse, the post-war communist terror and the fate of the insurgents in the Poland after World War II. My description may sound a bit pathetic, but the museum's message is absolutely not. The facility uses modern technologies to reach the widest possible audience. The youngest can see the "Little Insurgent" room, where they can play the role of scouts and nurses. Every Muslim should make a pilgrimage to Mecca once in his life, I believe that every Pole should visit the Warsaw Uprising Museum.

7. Royal Baths

In my opinion the happiest place in Warsaw. The name of this attraction comes from the pavilion with the bathhouse, which was built here in the 17th century. You can admire the pearls of European architecture, such as the Palace on the Island, the Old Orangery or the White House. For some reason, however, Wodozbior (in polish it means something like “Water Gatherer”) makes the biggest impression on me. The tower was put into use in 1778, which was a kind of 2-in-1, because a water reservoir with a residential function. For me, Royal Baths is primarily an oasis of greenery. I love walking along paths and alleys among trees, shrubs and flowers. Whenever I’m in neighborhood I had check in at the monument of the most popular Pole on spotify ... Frederic Chopin. Until the covid epidemic, concerts devoted to the works of our outstanding composer were organized here every summer. I hope they will come back soon. Listening to these works with headphones is not the same as dealing with live music. It is worth visiting this place at any time of the year.

9. Praga

"Throw all bullsheets brother and go to Praga" was sung by Kapela Czerniakowska famous folklore band. I also encourage you to do so. The district did not suffer during World War II and kept its authentic character. I especially recommend you a walk along Ząbkowska Street, often called "Praga's Old Town". The oldest buildings located here come from the 1860s. If you are a street art fan like me, you will find something for yourself 100%. If you want to feel the atmosphere of this district, it is best to walk around it without a specific plan. During such a trip, you will surely come across home chapels, of which there are over 100 here. Most of them were built during World War II to strengthen the morale of the capital's inhabitants. Be sure to visit this interesting district.

This is my proposal for a trip to Warsaw. If you use it, be sure to let me know about your impressions.

You will find all those places here on the map.

As always, my friends will help you get to know this city. This time You can visit Warsaw with Tamara and her route dedicated to places related with Chopin.

See you in Warsaw!

By the way, if you are interested in my travels to other cities as well, I invite you to my reports from Gdańsk or Kraków.

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