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Attractions for children - Warsaw

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

"One can like Warsaw", I always hum the words of this song after visiting the capital. However, not all my friends share my enthusiasm. Some of them think that you can visit great clubs in this city and enjoy food in interesting restaurants, but the problem arises during…. trips with children. This is obviously not true and I have accompanied my families on many trips to the capital, visiting places that had one common denominator ... .. a smile on the face of the youngest participants. Every day I try to be a noble house elf, so I will not keep information about where to go with a child in Warsaw only for a group of close friends, but I will gladly share it with the readers of my blog.

You can find all of the following attractions for kids in Warsaw on this map.

Copernicus Science Centre

The complete opposite of Polish action films, where the dwarf just waits until the end. Here, after a few hours of great fun, everyone regardless of age raises the question "How is it possible that our time has passed so quickly?" It is one of those places, where the guide is not only redundant, but also unwelcome. After all, it's about feeling like an explorer, and they never act by the guidelines. What's not here? At my favorite exhibition "The Future is Today", the youngest can see, that most of the things they know from science-fiction fairy tales, such as robots or self-moving cars, will soon become commonplace. During this exhibition, I also like to blow the nose of kids, who spend too much time with their noses in the cell. All thanks to the Trustbot, which takes the phones up to 5 meters and then ... drops them. Of course, he always catches them and gives them back, but the face of my companions is priceless for a moment. Be sure to also visit the "Experimental Zone" where, thanks to their activity, children can understand how photosynthesis, cosmic rays, or for which Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize. It is also possible to test the capabilities of your body on a fakir bed. In total, at the Copernicus Science Center, there are 400 exhibits and lots of attractions for children. Even a seasoned dwarf like me is not able to use all of them during one visit, so every time after leaving I am overwhelmed by a warm resolve to return. This is an absolutely unique museum for children, a must-see not only on the map of Warsaw, but also the best museum of technology in Poland.

Ethnographic Museum

Ethnography is a field of science whose name sounds repulsive to the youngest. So how to convince children to visit the museum dedicated to her? In Warsaw, they have a way and they created a special section dedicated to the kids. There is an exhibition about traveling close to my heart. Many of my young companions are not aware that not so long ago, an expedition within a radius of several hundred kilometers was quite a challenge. There are seven thematic routes waiting for visitors. From finger travel on the map to space expeditions. I also like the room dedicated to national costumes from all over the world. In it, I begin to understand how tiring working as a model is, because at the kids' request I change into selected outfits. Just trying on clothes is a chore, and when I think about a compulsory diet, I am completely moved by the fate of all these Top Model participants. I think it's quite an interesting museum and it's a definite place to visit with your kid.

Multimedia fountain park

It is one of the few places where I don't mind pouring water. It is best to go to it in the evening, then it will fully impress the youngest. The very fact, that the show is after dusk will be an attraction for them. In addition, a colorful show in which legends dedicated to the capital are told. A smile on your face is guaranteed. Me myself willingly leap to the rhythm of the melodies played. Everything looks so beautiful and colorful that the end of the performance is always accompanied by a groan of disappointment. He must come to the show while on vacation in Warsaw with kids. Especially that the place is beautifully situated at the foot of the Warsaw's Old Town.

House of Riddles

A house full of rooms, which can be left only after solving a series of puzzles, in my opinion is the perfect idea to spend time for a crime fiction fan. I must admit that, as a die-hard reader of Agata Christie and Arthur Conan's books, Doyle falls into this category. From the point of view of a trip with children, it is important that each room has a scenario for adults and younger. Every time any children come here with me for the first time, I start with a visit to the Journey room. In this case, our goal is to complete our journey to a neighboring galaxy. Unfortunately, during its duration, it turns out that we have run out of fuel. Our task is to find an alternative for him. As a regular, I know the solution, so I let the children act on their own. In turn, I let my imagination run wild and count how much money I would earn, if I actually discovered something that could replace gasoline or at least diesel fuel. It has never happened before that, after the first visit, my young comrades did not declare that they absolutely had to return to solve the remaining mysteries. It is certainly an attractive place for older children and teenagers. Definitely a family friendly spot on the map of Warsaw for kids trip.

Botanic Gardens

A place that delights with its colors, regardless of the season when we visit it, maybe except in winter, when it is closed. This is where we can explain to children how diverse the vegetation around the world is. In addition, there is a special zone with medicinal plants in the garden, where you can show the youngest that mother nature is the best pharmacy in the world, of course only if we take care of it properly. As a thermophilic leprechaun, I love visiting greenhouses, especially when it is cloudy outside. The oldest of them was built in the times of Stanisław August. My favorite is the Palm House with different species of the title trees. Whenever I'm short with money, that's where I go to take pictures of my vacation under the palm trees. If you temporarily want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the playground and are looking for a nice walk for the whole family in the fresh air and around the greenery, this is the perfect place.

Hangar 646

A facility named after an abandoned hangar, i.e. a garage for airplanes. Nowadays there is a huge trampoline park here. The very utterance of the phrase "Trampoline Park" causes ecstasy among our young companions. In addition, just as Indonesia is the archipelago with the largest number of islands, Hangar is its equivalent in terms of places for jumping. What we don't have here, a sea of ​​diving sponges, obstacle courses and, of course, countless trampolines. For me, a visit to this place is an opportunity to make two dreams come true. First of all, I can feel like a circus artist here, but more importantly there is a special zone with baskets, where I could do a slam dunk for the first time in my life like Michael Jordan. After visiting the Park, the children are always smiling, but what is probably important, they are very, very tired. So there may be a problem with their evening toilet, but definitely not with falling asleep. Playgrounds are always a certain point on the program for families with children, in this case it is no different. Great fun guaranteed for all ages.

Playground with Dinosaurs

A place where you can recreate the scenes of the Jurassic park yourself. Well, think about what is not here. Eggs from which we hatch (seriously), large dinosaurs in which we can find ourselves or the remains that we dig up like an archaeologist. In fact, if someone would record and edit a movie from just one day of our fun here, they would get a plot no worse than in the case of Vega's films. In addition, there would be a chance to see a charismatic but relatively short actor on the screen. For those, who have little experience with dinosaurs, I recommend two zip lines. And for those who prefer quieter attractions, I recommend a play zone in the sand. See if this playground will appeal to your children.

Warsaw Uprising Museum

I usually like to laugh and I want the places I visit to bring a smile to the faces of my childhood companions. In this case, it is different, I hope that the visit will provoke reflection on the challenges faced by their peers in 1944. The very organization of the Museum, which has a special section for children, helps a lot in this. A theatrical performance awaits them in the Young Upriser Room. The most impressive, however, is the possibility of impersonating paramedics or postmen. Maybe I am as naive as short, but I believe that the more children visit this place, the lower the risk of conflicts (World War II was enough) in the future for both the young and the world. Therefore, you will find exhibitions dedicated to small audiences.

I hope that after reading my post you will find that Warsaw can also be liked, when visiting with children. Our capital has so many attractions for the youngest that it is already planning the second part of my story about them. Let me know if there is any about which I should write about.

As always, I have a suggestion of routes for you that you can use during your visit to Warsaw with kids. This time they are:

Winter residents of bathrooms

A trip following the path suggested by Tamara Stańczuk is best done in winter, then there is a chance that we will meet all the heroes of her story.

Castle Square

a place that should be visited during a visit to Warsaw, Krzysztof Stańczuk narrates in a way that will interest children and adults. And of course, this Royal Castle in the middle of old town square - oh, mighty!

Warsaw Skyscrapers

If you want to prove to children that even buildings can be told in an interesting way, then with Tamara's route the winnings are in your pocket. A lot of curiosities and anecdotes about our Warsaw engineering wonders, of course, with the Palace of Culture and Science at the forefront. I recommend this route for both children and adults.

PS. If you like family traveling, be sure to check out the ideas for visiting Gdańsk, Wrocław and Kraków.

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