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Gdansk - attractions for children, places for family sightseeing.

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Have I mentioned to you about my cousin from the movie Amelia? After the box office success of the film, he started a family, or actually several families. In any case, I have the opportunity to look after my young cousins ​​from time to time. It would seem that nothing could be easier, just go with them to an interesting place and many monuments and interesting attractions, and that's it. Nothing could be more wrong. Our first trips ended in a disaster. Things that were interesting to me, most of the time they did not care at all, and the walking routes usually led from ice cream parlors to pastry shops. By trial and error and with the help of my friends, more about them at the end of this post, I managed to create a list of "TOP - Gdańsk attractions for children". Sooooo just go ahead and visit Gdansk with kids, be inspired.

You can find all the places below on this map.

Gdańsk ZOO - a great idea at any time of the year

Before the pandemic, this place was visited by nearly half a million people a year, which is probably the best review, not even requiring my recommendation. On the area of ​​126 ha, we can meet 181 species of animals, including those that always generate the greatest excitement, such as lions, tigers and elephants. Personally, I like monkeys the most in a zoo, every time I visit them I wonder if I am mocking them or maybe they are me? There is also no fear that your children will get too tired during the visit. The zoo is traversed by a queue, the use of which can be an attraction in itself. It is definitelfy the number one Gdansk for kids entertainment spot.

If you like zoos, you must also go to Wrocław with your children, so here are the attractions of this beautiful city.

Amber Sky - Ferris wheel on the Motława River

In other words, a viewing wheel. I warn you right away, this is not an attraction for those who are afraid of heights or have trouble with the labyrinth. During the 15-minute ride, you will not only be able to feel the thrill of adrenaline, but most of all, together with the kids, enjoy the view of the Old Town and… Amber Stadium. If your children do not like sightseeing or you want to get to know interesting attractions of Gdańsk at an express pace, Amber Sky is for you. The view of the "old town", or to be precise, the main city, makes an amazing impression with Motlawa river, the known Crane and St Mary's church beneath You.

Oliwa Park - the perfect place for a family walk

A proposal for the whole family for virtually any season of the year. In spring and summer, I love to come here with my friends for a picnic. It happens to me that I take a nap right after a meal. Oh, how sweet it is to sleep, when the bushes rustle around and birds are singing. In autumn, it is the perfect place to admire the beauty of Polish nature and organize a practical lesson on the environment for kids. Lots of plant species, so beautifully colorful everywhere. You just have to be careful not to let some chestnut fall on your head. In winter, around Christmas, you can find the most beautiful Christmas illuminations in Gdansk here. The unique atmosphere of this place makes it an ideal place for a family walk.

Gdańsk beaches - a must for every tourist on the Baltic Sea

Being in Gdańsk, especially in summer, you must visit one of our beaches. Brzeźno, Jelitkowo or Stogi? It does not matter, it is important that nothing integrates the family as much as making objects in the sand with the child, and making the castle obligatory for older ones. A particularly popular place for children to play is the part of the beach, where the Oliwski Stream flows into the Bay of Gdańsk. So it does not matter if it is a week stay or just a city break, visiting any beach in Tri city (that's how we call Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia) is just obligatory.

Ship cruise to Hel - a sea adventure for children and adults

Ahoy adventure! In the city of Neptune, our pupils can be baptized as the Sea Wolf. Several options are available. Routes to Sopot or Westerplatte, but I especially recommend a boat trip to Hel. A round boat tour and sightseeing will take us one day. On the peninsula, an additional attraction that you must visit is the seal sanctuary. Seals are probably the sweetest animals on earth and they will steal the hearts of your kids 100%. After the attractions related to the sealarium, I recommend visiting the lighthouse. Climbing to its top can be a bit tiring, but the view of the Gdańsk Bay is breathtaking. You cannot miss this popular attraction, while being at the Polish seaside.

Hewelianum - modern museum in the building of the former fort of Góra Gradowa

Do children like to learn and can you travel the world in a few dozen minutes? In the city of the famous astronomer and brewer, the answer to both questions is yes. Your kids will have a great adventure at Hewelianum. A journey from the interior of the earth across all continents awaits them. The Hewelianum Center offers several dozen interactive attractions that allow kids, among other things, to experience a desert storm, learn about the process of creating waves and build ... the Himalayas. The whole journey ends in Europe, in a booth where the most beautiful statement in the world awaits - I love you - spoken in many languages. This is definitely one of the interesting places on the map of Gdańsk attractions for children.

Amber Stadion - many child-friendly places in one place

No, I am not inviting you to the Lechia game, I am aware that as newcomers from other cities you do not necessarily have to cheer for the Polish team. However, the stadium is not only a place of football struggles. There are many attractions here, that will put a smile on the face of both children and adults. What is not here. Fans of fast driving can take advantage of the go-kart track. Children, who want to experience Fortnite in the real world, will love the Zoltar Arena 100% with its laser paintball and the possibility of competing up to 16 people. Do you suspect that your son or daughter has a detective flair? Then I will check one of the puzzles in the Escape Rooms. Believe me, this is only the beginning of the attractions and even though I am here regularly - of course with my cousin's children - I am not able to remember everything. It is worth going here on a family trip, you can find something for everyone at any age.

Maritime Culture Center - interactive attractions

The only such facility in Poland devoted entirely to the sea. However, it is not a typical museum where you only see the exhibits. Oh no, this place is full of fun and excitement and is very child friendly. My favorite room is "People - Ships - Ports" with a huge swimming pool where children can organize a regatta. There are remote-controlled ships available here, that I am sometimes seated on. It makes me feel like Jack Sparrow. For those who prefer land-based activities to sea adventures, a work simulator in the port awaits. Here your pupils can check how goods are loaded with a forklift. That's not all, because young adventurers are waiting for, among others, a bathyscaphe journey deep into the shipwreck. It is worth coming here while walking and admiring the Motława quays. A true, interactive maritime museum.

Reagan Park - playgrounds, bike paths and an open-air traffic center

This is a very popular outdoor activity, especially on Sundays. This seaside park is probably the largest playground in Pomerania. I like to come here and while the children test the next attractions and shout over which one they like the most, I can easily entertain the mothers I meet, with stories of my travels from various interesting places around the world. While walking with the whole family in Reagan Park, you can also come across other interesting places, be sure to take time to discover them, while Your stay in Gdansk.

European Solidarity Centre (ECS)

When visiting the vicinity of the Gdańsk Shipyard, it is worth visiting the beautiful and modern building of the European Solidarity Centre. It has many exhibitions and events, that could certainly appeal to "older children". For my cousins, the best attractions are definitely the Play Department, which is a space full of fun and learning.

If the above list exhausts you more than your children, it is worth getting to know the classics of sightseeing in Gdańsk, you can read about them here. Don't forget to see Neptune fountain,maybe amber museum, hm... maybe it's easier to say - a whole old town., with its town hall, Artus court and Long street too!

And now the true holy grail of every parent spending time with their children on a tour - GAMEPLAY! A combination of sightseeing with fun, puzzles and collecting points. This greatly builds the commitment of our kids, and when we add a prize in the form of ice cream or waffles, great fun is guaranteed.

I mentioned to you about my friends who helped me create the list above. It just so happens that they have prepared 4 ready-made games for you in the form of gamification in Gdańsk. I encourage you to check and share your experiences.

To help the Alchemist

A crazy adventure taking place in Gdańsk's Old Town with your children in the lead roles. Meet Al. C. Hajmer, an alchemist who won a recipe for an elixir for immortality from one of the most famous inhabitants of Gdańsk, Poland. Unfortunately for him, he forgot about who this famous citizen of Gdańsk is, and the mixture, despite many attempts, refuses to come out. Only with the help of your children is there a chance to recreate the recipe.

The adventures of Antonio in Gdańsk

Time to travel back in time. Antonio is the son of the Italian merchant Lorenzo. Together with their father, they came to Gdańsk for the famous St. Dominic's fair. Unfortunately, the boy, enchanted by the beauty of Gdańsk, separated from his father and now he cannot find him. Of course, this is not possible without the help of your children. The route runs along the Motlawa River. During the mission, you will have the opportunity to learn about the famous Gdańsk gates and Gdańsk legends. Hours with fun and learning at once, for free!

Game of Thrones

A route for the whole family. The history of Gdańsk has been connected with the history of Poland from the very beginning. As turbulent was the fate of our homeland, so was the fate of the city of Neptune. The most popular monuments of Gdańsk have often witnessed important events not only for our country, but also for Europe. You will find out about all this thanks to the "Game of Thrones" tour, where a walk around the most famous places in the Old Town, but not only that, was accompanied by stories about the struggles that this city has seen. Each story ends with a task dedicated to it.

Mr. Rubbish and the lost treasure

Time for a route away from the center. A mega challenge awaits your children, they must regain the greatest treasure of humanity. What is this treasure? You can find out about it by performing 19 tasks that often require physical activity. What is most fun for me on this tour is that it promotes among the youngest the friendly and environmentally friendly attitudes that are so important nowadays.

On a walk with old Gdansk merchant

An English-speaking route, ideal for a walk around Gdańsk, while looking for details captured on tenement houses or gates. We get to know Gdańsk from 370 years ago, contemporary traditions or architectural solutions. The perfect solution for the child to learn both the language and a bit of the history of the city.

All the above routes are available in the guideU application on Apple and Android phones. Some of them You will also find in City Guides app - for free!

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