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Tenerife attractions – what to see on the island?

The weather in our beautiful country is roulette, which can often spoil even the most beautiful holiday plans. Therefore, it will probably not surprise anyone that, like many of our compatriots, from time to time I look for places for recreation where the chance for sunny days is greater than for a Pole to win at Eurovision. Today's post will be about such a place. I am taking you to the Canary Islands, specifically to Tenerife sightseeing. I will show you the attractions that I recommend you to visit, if, like me, you decide to visit this island.

All of the following places that I think are worth seeing in Tenerife can be found on the map here.

El Teide volcano

In this case, I will start with organizational information, if you want to climb this highest peak in Spain, you need to book your trip in advance on the website of the Teide National Park. El Teide is over 3,700 meters above sea level and is the third highest volcano in the world. The paths at the foot are already making a huge impression. They evoke the atmosphere of SF movies and I often feel like the first leprechaun on the moon, taking a small step for a dwarf, but great for the short-grown community. As you probably know, I am not a big fan of climbing, which is why El Teide has a huge plus for me for the cable car that takes us to a height of 3550 meters. During the 10-minute journey, we can admire the beautiful views and estimate hiking trails in peace. After reaching the end station, we have a choice of three routes of varying difficulty. If we want to get to the top via route 10, we must remember about the permit I mentioned at the beginning of the post, the other two routes lead to viewpoints, which also offer a huge dose of aesthetic sensations for our eyes. The Teide volcano cannot be missed if you are hiking enthusiasts or want to find a unique vantage point.

Playa de Las Teresitas

It is not for the leprechaun to go to a place full of sun, to climb somewhere all the time. It is known that there must be time for beaching. From this point of view, Tenerife is a real paradise with a coast that is 400 km long. The beaches in Tenerife mostly have black or dark volcanic sand, but there are also those with a classic golden color. One of them is Playa de las Teristas, in the part of the island near Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is the pride of the island and you can often find it on postcards. The fine sand on which I love to lie was brought here from the Sahara desert. The surrounding of Anaga Rural Park only add to the magic of the fabulous views. If I were to propose to a woman, one of the local restaurants where I would see the sun disappearing first behind the peaks and then diving into the water is an option that I should seriously consider.

Charco de Isla Cangrejo

Continuing the water theme, it is impossible to ignore the natural pools that are abundant in Tenerife. These are the so-called charcos, i.e. lava tanks filled with ocean water. They are characterized by a beautiful color palette of both rocks and water, which gives them interesting shades. We can find them in popular tourist places, such as those more wild, requiring effort to reach them. My favorite is Charco de Isla Congrejo, you can see human interference in it, but I like the most that when we bathe in it, our neighbor behind the wall is ... the ocean. I love this feeling when refreshing drops of the ocean wave fall on me while being bored in the warm water of the pool. I also sometimes stand on the wall like the inhabitants of the island and wait for the wave to push me into the pool. I recommend this feeling to everyone in order to fully appreciate the power of the ocean. Not only the figures of my posture go into the water, but also guys with silhouettes resembling Pudzian.

Los Gigantes cliffs

The attractions of Tenerife are certainly also gigantic cliffs, which several hundred years ago were called the Gates of Hell. They are up to 600 meters high. However, this time I will spare you and myself climbing them. We will focus on admiring these giants. We can do it in two ways: by relaxing on the Playa de Los Guíos beach or during a cruise. I especially recommend the latter option. During such a sea trip, we have a chance to see dolphins and whales. For this I choose ships that serve the famous Canarian rum. Then, with a glass of this noble drink, while flowing towards the "gates of hell", I feel like Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Siam Park

The best water park in the world, according to many. You absolutely must visit this place, especially if you are on the island with children. You will find attractions for everyone here. The only thing I can complain about is the fact that the dwarfs are discriminated against, especially the brave ones. Most of the attractions that raise the level of adrenaline are available to people measuring over 125 cm. So, I can only present a review of the Mekong slide for rafting or Dragon, in which we flow out of the gutter directly onto the big dragon, only on the basis of my friends' reactions. Their terrifying, mixed faces said with joy that the reunions had been very successful. I have attractions for the youngest, such as lazy rafting on a wild river or fun in the lost city, i.e. a system of slides, traps and bridges. I can give the highest grade here as well. Leaving the park, we pass the seal pool, I must admit that for me it is an additional plus because few animals make me feel as good as them.

Loro Park

Although it is hard to believe, a relatively small island that is Tenerife has not only the best Water Park, but also a zoo. This is a clear proof that size does not matter, which the readers of my blog have probably known for some time. In Loro Park there is everything the earth can be proud of, and even more because one section is devoted to…. Atlantis. In the area of 135,000 square meters you will find, among other things: aquariums full of jellyfish and tropical fish pools, swimming pools with killer whales, a park stylized as a wild jungle. When planning a trip to Puerto de la Cruz, reserve a few good hours, and I am afraid that I will not let you see all the attractions.


A small town shrouded in an aura of mystery. Today it is inhabited by 60 people, but until 1991 there was no road to the village, and access to it is difficult today. The winding and dangerous trail makes most drivers give up cars and opt for public transport. According to many theories, Masca was a secret pirate village. It has to do with the gorge connecting the town with the beach. It is extremely charming, but if we want to visit it, we must remember to get the appropriate permit beforehand. However, it is worth applying for them, because the fact that we are moving along the route along which the sea robbers carried their stolen treasures strongly stimulates the imagination. Take a hike through the Masca gorge, starting in a village 600 meters above sea level, and ending on the beach, where the Los Gigantes cliffs will look down on you. By the way, you will be able to feel overwhelmed by the size, more or less like me looking at the cliffs in Gdynia.

I hope that I managed to convince you that the Canary Islands, and in this case Tenerife, is something more than an island where you can only lie in the sun. If you are planning a trip to her, I recommend the route in guideU by Barbara. Thanks to it, you will get to know the island from the side of popular attractions and less obvious spots. Below is a link to the route.

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