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Lublin attractions - what is worth seeing?

Today I am taking you to the south-east of Poland - to Lublin. It seems to me that this city is still not as popular as it deserves. Therefore, I, a dwarf from Gdańsk, decided to change it and today I will try to introduce you to eight attractions of this place, perfect for a weekend trip. At the end of my post, you will also find some suggestions for spending time in Lublin, prepared especially for you by local enthusiasts in cooperation with guideU. And now, like the famous magician from this city, I transfer your thoughts to the capital of the eastern wall.

Market Square in Lublin

I know many travelers who follow the rule: show me the market square of a given city and I will be able to judge whether it is worth visiting. Although I personally have a slightly more sophisticated approach to sightseeing, everything is correct in the case of Lublin. The city is as phenomenal as its historic shopping plaza. The size and square shape of the market square was established in 1517, when Lublin gained city rights. Today, the eastern wall is associated by many with being closed to other cultures or nations. History shows us how unfair this assessment is. For years, the owners of the tenement houses surrounding the market square were Jews, French, Ruthenians, Greeks and even Scots. The central building of the market square is the Old Town Hall, which used to be the Crown Tribunal. Mayors also from different nations used to sit here, and its creator was Italy. Do you admit that it is quite different? The way the market looks today was largely influenced by the fire of 1575, which practically eliminated the wooden buildings, and contributed to the creation of tenement houses with impressive facades. I recommend you a leisurely walk combined with admiring these buildings. In a way, the history of the city is written in them. I have good news for those who, like me, tire walking. The Lublin market square is a kind of archipelago with numerous premises as islands. So every "sailor" will have a place to moor if necessary.

Ku Farze Street

Despite the fact that I am already an old house elf, I know what turns younger travelers on. For many of them, it is important that the place visited is "Insta friendly". In short, so that you can show it off on the Internet. Ku Farze Street can certainly be included in this category. Interestingly, until 1954 it was walled up and it was found only during the renovation of the Old Town. Today, the sun very rarely reaches it, which, combined with the fact that it is very narrow, gives it a climate. Walking along this street, I appreciate that I am a leprechaun, because it is easy for me to imagine that such a close proximity to the walls can generate a feeling of claustrophobia among people.

Kraków Gate

This is the starting point for probably most trips, and at the same time the most popular building in the city. On the one hand, it leads us to the old town of Lublin, and on the other, it is through this place that trips to Krakow, the former capital of Poland, started. The gate confirms the thesis that Casimir the Great found our country wooden and left it brick. It was this fortification that was built during the reign of this ruler. Earlier wooden fortifications could not cope with the Tatar invasions, hence the decision to replace them with something more permanent. With time, the gate lost its defensive functions and a residential part was separated in it. In addition, a clock was placed on it, which for most residents was the only source of information about the time of the day. Even today, a romantic leprechaun like me, having the choice of checking the time on his smartphone, prefers to look towards the gate.

Lublin Village Museum

Feel the atmosphere of the countryside while being in a large (for Polish conditions) city? Such things only in Lublin. Here you will find an open-air museum dedicated to the villages of this region. The whole area is divided into several sectors, among which you will find: a manor complex, the Lublin Upland with its characteristic buildings, picturesque Powiśle with its pond and chapels, and Nadbuże. There is an idyllic atmosphere around us, enhanced by the fact that animals, including horses, sheep and goats, walk next to us at our fingertips. Two churches made the biggest impression on me. Roman Catholic built in the 17th century from Matczyn and a Greek Catholic church from Tarnoszyn. They have an amazing atmosphere that is shared during participation in the services. I recommend it to everyone, regardless of whether they are believers or not. A visit to the open-air museum strengthens me in my conviction how right Jan Kochanowski was when he wrote: Peaceful countryside, cheerful villages ...

Lublin underground route

For all those who want to collapse from time to time, whether it is out of shame or just to feel what it is like to shelter from the sun, Lublin has a special attraction. The underground route was created by connecting the cellars and is 280 meters long. During the walk, we pass paintings presenting the most important events in the history of the city from tribal times. This is not a common solution, but you can buy a torchlight walk. For a leprechaun with such an imagination as me, it is a great option. Then he feels like an 18th century robber who sneaks into Lublin to rob rich townspeople. Of course, I would share my booty with the poorest.

Onion cake

Lublin residents have their own pizza. This is how, by paraphrasing Mikołaj Rej's words, the representatives of the capital of Eastern Poland could present the onion set. This yeast baking originating from Jewish cuisine is the pride of the city. You can buy it at many points. Personally, I recommend eating it immediately after taking it out of the oven, although of course everyone will find their favorite way of consuming it. There is a legend connected with the cake that it was created to win the favor of King Casimir the Great by a Jewish woman, Esterka. It is true that soulless historians date the beginning of onion baking to the 19th century, but as you can probably guess, I prefer this romantic version.

The underground of the Perła brewery

"... it is a city of many pearls, although most of them are exported", sing the Kacperczyk brothers, referring to the local beer brand. The brewery itself provides us with the opportunity to learn about its history for free. We're going underground again. We are waiting for the history of people associated with the brewery and information about the process of its creation. The best is waiting for us at the end, because that's when we have the opportunity to taste. I don't know whether Perełka tastes better in full sun or in underground conditions.

If you are looking for a place for a weekend trip in Poland, I hope that I have convinced you that Lublin is a great destination. For those looking for a way to get to know it the best, I recommend local enthusiasts who have placed their routes in the guideU application.

Magdalena Mazur-Ciseł, the author of a book about Lublin legends, has prepared an ideal proposal for a family trip in which you will learn about the history of the city and the legends associated with it.

Konrad Kowalski, who is a storytelling master, will take you on a journey in which he will introduce you to places related to the most famous legends of Lublin. Thanks to it, you will go in search of not only the secrets of the city, but also the treasures hidden in it.

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