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What data do I actually collect and what exactly do I do with them ?

No worries my dear, I only gather those basic data, I do not want to fill my whole tourist backpack with it.

If You are just paying a quick visit, without wanting to participate in our forum or commentary section (Your lost!) - Google Analytics will check where are You from, is You browser ok and such. Sometimes I log in to Google to check if You stayed longer (duration of morning coffee or jogging) or You just visited by mistake. Statistics – strong stuff.


While You add a comment to my awesome story – do not even hesitate. But if You wish to be a member of my greatest forum and the whole Crew – well, well, well... In that case, I would have to check You are not some bot, make sure You even exist. Log via Facebook or Google – Your life will be so much easier and in return I will only get Your e-mail address, possibly profile picture (only if it's a really, REALLY good one) and Your name and surname. So no need to sing 'Tragedy' by BeeGees.

You can also add Your e-mail to subscription form and get a message, when I add a new, fascinating story. You may be a little surprised, when You notice my beautifully groomed beard on other websites – they call it remarketing [ Google says: ] and those damn cookies are responsible for that. 


What is the fuss with those cookies?

Cookies are just files, which download on Your device while reading my adventures. Files keep data, thanks to which I can haunt You in Your dreams... But to be perfectly serious – cookies are just necesarry for statistics and marketing. Hey! Do not judge me, being more famous won't do me any harm. Deleting cookies, accepting or modyfying them is possible in Your browser. Your should know, that rejecting cookies may cause my blog to not run correctly on Your device. This one is on You.

Data collected – what now ?

This section will be short. 

Your personal data are safe, both blog and login part are secured and encrypted. Remember – on no part of this website shall I ask You for any personal documents numbers or details. Even Your e-mail address will not be passed to other companies. Let them worry about that.

Your data – so basically e-mail – can always be changed. Or deleted. If it is to be deleted – please contact me on, as it can be done only and I mean ONLY – by me.


Official details

I can change this Policy Privacy. It's nothing weird, it just may happen. Of course I will let You know first. 

Your data are collected and stored by

TRISMA BIS Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością

Bolesława Chrobrego Street 96E/4, 80-414 Gdańsk, Poland

VAT no: 5833242178; KRS: 0000961748


Yes, yes – I work for them. Or more accordingly I should say – they work for me.

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