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5 ideas for souvenirs from Gdańsk

Apparently, where there are four Poles, there are five opinions. Nevertheless, there is one view that most of us will subscribe to - Vacation always ends too soon. So it is not surprising that we try to extend our holiday stays in some way. One of the ways to do this is to buy souvenirs that will make rainy autumn and winter evenings more pleasant. Today I have for you some suggestions for valuable souvenirs from Gdańsk. Contrary to appearances, finding them is not as easy as it seems. Most of the souvenirs that you will find at numerous stalls or in shops have as much in common with Neptune's city as I do with my height with the NBA league. That's why I hope you'll appreciate the gems I found for you.


Gdańsk gold. Of course, it's best to find him alone on the beach, humming along to Beans' popular hit from the eighties "Drop of golden dreams". However, if our search did not turn out to be very fruitful, or if the items we found were not good enough to revive holiday memories - it is worth visiting the store where we can buy the right item for us. For my part, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Amber Gallery called in Polish 'Bursztynowa Galeria', which offers a wide range of products, from the simplest, such as bracelet pendants, to the most sophisticated silver jewelry, in which amber is an ideal complementary element. Even if we do not have shopping plans, it is worth visiting the Gallery, which (as it turns out) is not only in name. When visiting it, we can find amber works of art, including a telephone made of this material or a model of a ship.

bursztynowy telefon


The most Gdańsk liquor. A perfect example that we can not only look at souvenirs, but also taste them and warm up with them from the inside. The famous drink is characterized by gold flakes floating in it, as well as a unique blend of over twenty herbs. Believe me - the worst autumn sludge becomes less terrible after just one glass of this concoction. In Gdańsk itself, we can find several types of this vodka, this is the result of revealing its recipe, thanks to which different producers can create their own versions. Personally, I am a fan of the drink served by the Goldwasser restaurant. In this place you can not only buy a delicious drink, but also beautifully decorated bottles, which makes them perfect for a gift.


Art glass

In Gdańsk, it is very easy to buy souvenirs related to the city. The problem is that most of them spent more time traveling on the China-Poland route than the Neptune city itself. It is hard to find an authentic gem that will remind us of all the positive moments spent during the holidays. If you are looking for something like this, you must visit Grobla Gallery, where you will find real wonders made of glass. Some of them present elements characteristic of the city's architecture, e.g. historic tenement houses. For people who prefer something more universal, there are jewellery, vases and many hand-made decorations, created in the fusing technique. This technique consists in proper welding of glass and gives wonderful results. So there is no mass production, each time we get a unique copy. The only thing I have a grudge against the Gallery is the fact that although there are dwarfs in their work, I have never been asked to pose for them, and yet I would definitely authenticate their work.

galeria szkła

Gdańsk photo album

If I like cool and gray autumn evenings for something, it is the atmosphere they create when reading books. I love to read with a cup of tea in my hand. For those who want to return to their stay in Gdańsk during such evenings, I recommend the extraordinary work "Fot. Kosycarz." It is an album presenting the history of the city through photographs taken by Zbigniew and Maciej Kosycarz. Father and son who became the most famous post-war press photographers in the Tri-City. From over a million photos taken, 329 were selected to present the post-war fate of the city. Their works perfectly reflect the atmosphere of Gdańsk, focusing not only on the most important historical events, but also on the everyday life of its inhabitants.

zdjęcia gdańska Zbigniewa Kosycarza

Sweet Tenement Houses

The legendary 'Bałtyk' chocolate factory has prepared an unusual series of sweets dedicated to selected tenement houses in Gdańsk. Specifically, the buildings: Ogarna 120, Ogarna 6 and Ogarna 76. We can see how these architectural delicacies taste while shopping in a store belonging to the Gdańsk tourist organization, i.e. Each tenement house is a separate sweetness, so we will surely find something for ourselves. Personally, I'm a fan of Ogarna 6, i.e. peanuts in chocolate, but of course I don't despise other tenement houses either.

seria czekolad Bałtyk

I hope that I managed to convince you that souvenirs from holidays in Gdańsk do not have to be boring and kitschy. I hope that you will find something for yourself among my suggestions. I am also curious what souvenirs from Gdańsk you would recommend to tourists visiting other Polish cities.

P.S. If you are hungry after all this shopping, please check where you can stop for coffee or lunch.

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